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1) What is the difference between a custom home, a semi-custom home, and a spec home? 

A custom home is a house designed by the home buyer. The buyer is responsible for choosing and customizing every detail, from the floor plan to the windows, doors, countertops, and light fixtures. Although rewarding, designing your own home can be tedious and stressful.

A semi-custom home offers homebuyers the best of both worlds, balancing the ease of purchasing a move-in-ready home with the opportunity to customize aspects to their liking.

A spec home is a home built and designed 100% by the builder. The home buyer doesn’t have to worry about making endless decisions about each detail of their home.

Hunt Homes specializes in luxury spec homes. You can find all our available homes

2) What is the cost of a new construction home in East Texas?

The cost of a home built by Hunt Homes depends entirely on its size and location. Our homes typically range from about $330,000 to over $1,000,000. Click here to view our available homes. Or click here to view our pre-production homes.

3) How long does it take to build a new construction home?

In many cases, we can build a home in roughly 6 months. However, build times in the current market conditions are subject to be longer than 6 months based on material and labor shortages. Even though we pre-plan all of our homes and communities, we still experience challanges throughout the process due to current circumstances.

Our pre-production homes are projects we have not yet broken ground on, so they will take longer to complete. We also offer a variety of homes which are finished, or nearly finished, which you can find on our Available Homes page.

4) When should I apply for financing?

To buy a move-in-ready home, or reserve one for pre-production, on one of our subdivisions, you’ll need to get pre-approved for the total sales price. We’ll finance the construction, so the lender will begin their due diligence around 60 days before the project is finished. 

5) Where does Hunt Homes build new homes?

Our primary locations for custom homes in East Texas are in Tyler, Flint, Bullard and Chandler, TX.

6) Why should I buy a new home from Hunt Homes?

Hunt Homes has an incredible team of professionals with years of experience designing and building stunning homes. Our homes are beautiful, appreciate in value, and last for many many years. We’re locally owned and operated, and are trusted by many East Texans like you.

7) Do I need a real estate agent to buy from Hunt Homes?

You don’t need a real estate agent to purchase a pre-built or pre-production spec home with us. However, the majority of our homes are sold by realtors. The cost of your home will be the same with or without a real-estate agent.

8) Can I see homes currently under construction?

Of course! Just take a look at our "Available Homes." You can also see our previous builds under "Our Work."

Contact us anytime if you have any additional questions.

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