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Stunning new homes that don’t come with a to-do list…

When you buy a used home, you have to compromise some of the things you really want.

Even from the first showing, you likely saw details you hoped to change and space issues you chose to overlook.

A used home is a place you can enjoy for a season. But soon, your family will outgrow the space, and you’ll need an upgrade.

Rather than looking for something a little bigger, a little newer, and a little more accommodating… what if you could build a brand new home with the same budget?

Hunt Homes builds new homes in the Bullard, Texas area. So families like yours can grow and thrive.

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Professional Home Builders You Can Trust

Our many years of experience offering new houses for sale in the Bullard area makes us keenly aware of what the luxury home buyer looks for in a new property. We have designed, constructed, and renovated countless properties in Bullard to perfectly complement their new owners, again and again.

As expert home builders in Bullard, Texas, our new houses for sale are unmatched when it comes to quality, comfort, and convenience.

Why Buy A Spec Home Instead Of A Custom Home In Bullard, TX?

For many people, designing their own home from the ground up is a dream. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how big of a headache the process can be, turning their dream into a nightmare.

When you design a custom home, you’re in charge of everything. You have to think through every detail.

On the macro level, you must choose the floor plan, the type of roof you want, how much space you need in each room.

On the micro level, you have to choose the most convenient locations for the wall outlets, the right hardware for your cabinetry, the perfect light fixtures to complement each room, and lots of other tedious details.

For many home buyers, the process quickly becomes extremely overwhelming.

That’s why many home buyers choose to work with Hunt Homes. Our home design experts will handle all the details of designing, building, and perfecting your home. So you and your family can relax without worrying about anything.

Don’t you want a stunning home that suits your family… without the headache that comes with making countless design and layout decisions? Contact Hunt Homes in the Bullard area today.

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We value communication as much as you do. Anytime you have a question or simply want to view the progress we’ve made on your new home in Bullard, just give us a call. We can’t wait to show you where you’ll live.

For more information on our new homes for sale in Bullard, Texas, contact us today.

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